How To Use Microsoft Paint Like A Pro?

Many individuals assume that they can use Paint very easily, and they are true to a certain extent. However, using Paint like a pro can take a lot more than what you think! Obviously, you don’t have to mug up a load of books for mastering MS Paint.

All you need to do is understand the different elements in MS Paint comprehensively, especially the user interface. Basics are always responsible for creating professionals, and this notion applies well to the case of MS Paint too. 

You must first take a note at the ribbon, housing the toolbar of MS Paint. This ribbon is quite similar to the ones you find in MS Office. You can open or close the ribbon by using an arrow point that is at the top of the toolbar. The arrow point’s position is at the extreme right of the ribbon. 

The MS Paint user interface also has two tabs known as “Home” and “View” tabs. 

  • The “Home” tab houses the image editing tools you need for image editing. 
  • The “View” tab contains buttons for changing the display of the image. 

The “File” menu button appears alongside the “Home” and “View” tabs. The “File” menu button is ideal for multiple actions such as Open, Open with, Save, Save as, Close. For example, you can save changes in images by using the “Save” option. 

Another important highlight which you should note is the recent Windows 10 May 2019 update. As a result of the update, MS Paint has new accessibility features. One of the most important improvements from the update is the introduction of the keyboard as the primary input mechanism. 

Even though the MS paint supports the use of mouse and multi-touch tablet input, the support for keyboard use on Paint is interesting. If you want to use MS paint like a pro, then you need to take a look at such updates. For instance, one of such updates is that you can use the arrow keys now to move the on-screen cursor in Paint.