MS Paint Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts are simply the key combinations (involving two or more keys) that can allow you to perform certain actions. Given below are the MS Paint keyboard shortcuts those are tried and tested.

Shortcuts using Ctrl key

Ctrl + A: It makes the user select the entire canvas

Ctrl + C: Pressing it copies the selected portion

Ctrl + X: This shortcut is to cut the selected area

Ctrl + V: It is meant to paste clipboard data

Ctrl + Z: This can undo the last action taken; for example, if you deleted a text, and then pressed this shortcut, the deleted text can be brought back again

Ctrl + Y: This shortcut is used to redo the action taken

Ctrl + E: This shortcut is meant to see image properties

Ctrl + G: This command toggles grid lines

Ctrl + P: It is meant to print the picture

Ctrl + R: This shortcut is used to display or hide the ruler

Ctrl + W: This shortcut opens and resizes and skews dialog box

Ctrl + N: It is meant to create a new picture

Ctrl + O:  This shortcut is used to open an image

Ctrl + S: It saves the changes made to an image           

Ctrl + Page Up: It zooms in the image 

Ctrl + Page Down: This key combination zooms out the image           

Ctrl + B: It makes the selected text appear in bold        

Ctrl + I: This is meant to italicize the selected text

Ctrl + U: It underlines the selected text

Ctrl + Num Pad +: It scales up the image         

Ctrl + Num Pad –: It scales down the image

Shortcuts using Alt key

Alt + F: This key combination opens the File menu 

Alt + H: It makes the user switch to Home tab

Alt + V:  This is meant to switch to the View tab

Alt + F4: It closes the window

Alt + Esc: This shortcut minimizes the interface of MS Paint

Alt + Spacebar: This is very much similar to put a right-click on the title bar

Shortcuts using Function keys

F1        It opens Paint help

F11      This is meant to view a picture in full-screen mode

F12      It can save the image as a completely new file

F10      It shows key tips 

Apart from these, ‘Escape’ can be pressed to cancel a selection, ‘Delete’ can be pressed to delete, and Print Screen to copy the screen, which can be pasted on the canvas.