What Is Microsoft Paint Used For?

The primary use of MS Paint is for creating and editing graphics files. In addition, you can also use MS Paint as the ideal tool for opening and viewing .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .ico and .tiff files. You can also use MS Paint for free-hand ‘painting’ by simply dragging the mouse. Different tools in the “Tool Box” of MS Paint such as artistic pens or brushes could help in this process.

Interestingly, you will note that paint can also exhaust certain brushes after a particular time. In such cases, you can note the experience of painting by using a real painting brush. MS Paint is also ideal for learning the basic concepts in complex graphics software applications. Now, let us focus on how to use MS Paint!

As we discussed above, you can access MS Paint by clicking on the Windows “Start” menu button. Just type “Paint” in the search box and you can have MS paint open on your system. Let us take the example of tasks such as drawing and erasing to show how to use MS Paint. 

  • The first place you should look in Paint for using it is the toolbar at the top of the window. Here, you can find different options for using the Paint canvas. 
  • Now, you can select a primary color from the top-right side of the Paint Window in the “Color 1” box. The primary color appears on using the left mouse button on the Paint Canvas.
  • The option of “Color 2” box helps in selecting a secondary color. The secondary color activation is through the right mouse button on the canvas. 
  • Selecting the brush type is very easy through the “Brushes” option found on the top of the Paint window. Here you can choose the desired type of brush with specifications of line size, width, and shape. 
  • Now, just drag the mouse button and give shape to your creative imaginations on the Paint canvas.