Where Is MS Paint In Windows 10?

Good news is that Paint is also available in Windows 10 PC, and it’s not at all a matter of secret to locate it. Obviously, the popularity of MS Paint since the beginning can’t make the developer omit it from the Windows 10. So, talking about finding paint in windows 10, not just one, there are numerous ways one can reach Paint in Windows 10. 

Anyway, a great number of people still are struggling to locate it. For such people, given below are the different ways one can find Paint in Windows 10. 

Method 1: Through the Run Command

Undoubtedly, opening or getting access to ‘Paint’ is the easiest task at present. All that it demands is to type ‘paint’ within the search bar (no quotes though). One may open Run, type ‘mspaint’ (without quotes) and then press ‘OK’ to get it found. In rarest cases, this doesn’t work right. In such osituations, the users are advised to keep pressing the Windows key, and then press R. It makes another Windows appear; type mspaint.exe there and press Enter.    

This is going to open Microsoft Paint. So, using Run command is one of the easier method to open Microsoft Paint in Windows 10.

Method 2: Making Use of Windows Explorer

One can type C:\Windows\System32\mspaint.exe to find Paint.

However, one must understand that this is the default location for the users of Windows 10 and earlier editions of Windows.

Now double-tap the exe file. One can find various other .exe files within the folder, including starting from msra.exe, to various kinds of handy system tools. It is here to note that all these can also be accessed upon reaching Start Menu of Windows 10. In this context, one has to go within Start Menu to open Windows Accessories and then select Paint.

Other Additional Methods

Apart from the above methods, there are some other additional methods to start Microsoft Paint in Windows 10.

1. One may Start CMD, then type ‘MSPaint’ and then press Enter. 

2. One can also open it through Windows PowerShell. All it needs is to enter within Windows PowerShell, provide mspaint.exe and then press Enter. This will take you to your desired location.