The goal of the Developer

The developer wants to make the entire features of MS Paint and more available for anyone. That’s why Isaiah Odhner created this app and left the open source code available at GitHub. The code uses CSS and JS libraries like jQuery and Normalize. Anyone with proper knowledge of web development in a JavaScript environment can work on this code. Currently, the goal is to make this app able to

  • Create animated GIFs independent of work history.
  • Create animated APNGs which are transparent. This format uses less resource and works the same as a GIF.
  • There is a big goal. Creating textures on 3D images and patterns with tessellation. However, this is a long term goal and can only be made possible if more developers work together on this project.

Guide for the Developers

Well, if you want to use the existing repository and try working on it, it’s pretty easy.

  • Create a clone of the repository on your local system.
  • You will need an HTTP server to preview the changes you make or load the project. You can use Apache Tomcat, Node or anything of your choice. The developer has already included Live Server in the package.json file. This is nice to use since as soon as you make any changes, the page will reload automatically.
  • An IDE is a must since using Notepad++ will be too hectic for such a big project. We’ll suggest you use Visual Studio Code. The IDE is lightweight and supports programming in almost all development languages.