What Is The Best Paint Program For Windows?

Undeniably, the level of dependency on paint programs or painting apps has become hugely important in modern times. With Windows display getting more and more enriched in terms of the pixel, the necessity of proper paint programs has significantly grown. 

Microsoft Paint is the best and easiest paint program for windows users. But besides it, there are many other paint programs that users can use. Some of these programs come up with the additional features and functionalities but still, Microsoft Paint program is considered the best. So, let’s have a look at the Microsoft paint first.

Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint, popular as MS Paint is the most basic drawing program, available in all the versions of windows. It provides the easiest way to create and design different types of images with various tools available. It is so simple to use that even a child can use it to learn drawing. Many users of Windows might also be unaware of its presence, considering the popularity of web-based graphic creation tools. But it is the very first program that is taught to the windows users.

Moving ahead, given below are some of the other paint programs for windows.   

Paint 3D

This is considered as the official replacement for traditional Paint. Newly bought W10 PCs can get it built-in. Those already having Windows PC will have to download it through updates; in those occasions, it is not thereby defaulted. It comes with a range of new features, tools, and brushes for the users. The best part, it can deal with the 3D models as well, as of the 2D model, with equal level proficiency.


Krita is a perfect app to have for artists. The program can be suitable for drawing of any level complexity. Its brushes are thoroughly customizable. Moreover, these do come with the facility of saving the brushes to be used later. It provides the widest possible variety of pens, as well as fills. Krita’s panel template can enormously help the artists, along with high-end filters. It provides excellent color pallets as well.  


The best part about the app is that it is free; it is available absolutely for free at Microsoft Store. Still, it provides a huge range of designs to fulfill an artistic passion. One may have more designs by paying some more as well.

Art weaver

The interesting part about the app is that it can be equally suitable for both the children and adults. It provides a huge variety of collections of thoroughly upgraded pens. Starting from calligraphy pens, airbrush, to a range of brushes, it provides everything in one. There are also a lot of patterns to select in it.